Hydrogen: the potential and the pitfalls

Hydrogen could play an key role in our future energy supply – but only if its produced from renewable electricity. Watch this short summary of the pros and cons of hydrogen as a renewable energy source: a presentation given by the WWF Climate and Energy team, at a workshop I hosted in the European Parliament just before the end of January. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is now on the agenda in the UK. We must ensure the Government gets it right. It will not solve all our energy problems, but it could help play a part.


Getting up to speed with hydrogen: students talk about Hyschool and climate literacy

With the Government showing some interest in hydrogen this summer- its now getting topical. Yet Manchester Metropolitan University has already developed a programme about hydrogen information. A few months ago I interviewed staff and student from MMU about their role in hydrogen education and in climate literacy. Watch this 12 minute summary of what they are doing…


Build Back Better

Can we build a better future in living with Coronavirus?

Gina Dowding as one of your Green Councillors in Lancaster, would like  feedback on what to push for as the lockdown is eased. What can we learn? What can we do better? How could Lancaster City Council and the County Council better help local people in future?

Are there things that we should do differently?

Please fill in this short questionnaire – and please share it with your friends.