Thank you to everyone campaigning in this general election

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contacted me so far by email since the general election was called. Literally hundreds of voters have emailed me to help raise those issues important to them -and  to ask for more support. Campaigning organisations have swung into gear. And quite rightly so. THANK YOU!

I have signed pledges to support investment in sustainable transport, cycling and walking and living streets. All Green MPs will work for this, it is in our DNA. See our transport policy  here Fairer, Greener Transport – Green Party

The Green Party is the only one really committed to stop privatisation in our NHS, and to properly fund it – together we can ensure that those with long term chronic illness as well as life-threatening illnesses are cared for and treated properly. Please see here  Building a Fairer, Healthier Country – Green Party

I have signed pledges for the desperately needed action on Nature and Climate, and rewilding our countryside which is part of our hope for Bringing Nature Back to Life – Green Party

On animal welfare and  Protecting Animals – Green Party

Much of this links together through our approach to  Fairer, Greener Food and Farming – Green Party

The next Labour  Government (and ALL the polls indicate it will be a Labour Government with either a large or a very large majority)  needs to be reminded and prodded that we want a reversal of the Conservative’s dreadful and sustained attack on our public services, and to reverse the huge inequalities in our communities. Green MPs will push Labour to be bolder. Every Green vote will help remind Labour that they must be braver in tackling the climate, nature, health and social crises we face. 

If you support the above – please vote Green in this election. Even better – join us Become a member – Green Party

Green Party full manifesto are available here 2024 Manifesto: Downloads – Green Party


Gina pictured above with friends – including Green Party member of the House of Lords,  Natalie Bennett – to the left.


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