Gina Dowding is a Lancaster City Councillor, Lancashire County Councillor and the former Green MEP for the North West ( July 2019-January 2020). This site provides the latest news about Gina’s council work now, a record of her work as an MEP, and the issues she is particularly involved in.

The Green New Deal in the North West 

The Green New Deal in the North West, report presents a framework of how we can fundamentally transform society in the face of the current climate emergency.

The report identifies five key areas  where critical change is required: renewable energy supply; energy-efficient buildings; sustainable transport; a zero-carbon, circular economy; and land use, food and biodiversity.

The report outlines key opportunities and examples of best practice from across the region, setting out some of the policies that are needed to scale-up action. Find out more about the Green New Deal and download a copy of the report here

The launch was attended by a range of expert guest speakers, including the newly-appointed Green Party member of the House of Lords, Baroness Natalie Bennett.

Latest news

Build Back Better

Can we build a better future in living with Coronavirus? Gina Dowding as one of your Green Councillors in Lancaster, would like  feedback on what to push for as the lockdown is eased. What can we learn? What can we do better? How could Lancaster…
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Adjusting to the Local

Life back in Lancashire for the last five weeks has certainly had a different feel to that of Brussels and Strasbourg, with distinctly less travel, although I’ve still managed quite a few train miles within the region to various green and other events; to London…
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Final Farewell in My Role as Your Green MEP

A Sad Farewell Welcome to my extra-long blog this week. Sadly, this is my last writing in my short-lived role as a Green MEP for the North West. What an amazing experience it has been, and I want to say again: a huge thank you…
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