Our Priorities

Ahead of the 2016 referendum, the Green Party campaigned to Remain in the EU, and we’re going to continue to fight for the Britain we believe in.

Along with the Green Party and as newly-elected Green MEPs, we’ll be pushing back on the Government’s plans for an extreme Brexit, and we’ll be campaigning for progressive social, economic and environmental outcomes across three priority areas.

We will also continue to call for a vote on the terms of the deal, as we believe that the EU referendum of 2016 should be seen as the start of a democratic process, not the end of it.

Here are our priorities:

Climate & Environment

Some of our strongest environmental protections came from European legislation, and we need to ensure that these are protected and extended in the years to come.

Britain might be leaving the EU, but climate change and environmental degradation don’t respect national borders. We need international solutions to the challenges we face.

We will fight to ensure that Britain continues to play its part in tackling our climate and environmental crises, and we will push for an Environment Act to protect nature here in the UK.


The Government has indicated that Britain could become a tax haven after leaving the EU. We won’t sit back and watch this happen.

If we slash tax rates for corporations and the wealthy, we will see inequality in the UK get even worse. We’ll have less money for public services like the NHS, and the most vulnerable in society will be hit the hardest.

We will resist any attempt to turn the UK into a tax haven, ensuring that everyone makes a fair contribution to British society.

Freedom of Movement

We are richer because of freedom of movement.

Our lives are enriched when we share them with people from other countries, and our horizons are broadened when we travel, work and study across the EU.

We will continue to speak up for the principle of free movement, and we will stand with migrants in the face of rising xenophobia and racism.