Gina Dowding

About Gina

Gina Dowding is a Member of European Parliament for the North West as of June 2019.

Additionally, Gina’s current roles include being an active County Councillor for Lancashire County Council, holding a seat for Lancaster Central since 2013.

She is also a City Councillor on Lancaster City Council, since May 2019 (previously 1999-2007 including being a Cabinet Member for seven years). Gina has been a Green Party member since 1986.

Gina has previously carried out several roles within the Party, including:

  • North Lancashire Green Party Co-ordinator
  • External Communication Co-ordinator
  • Membership secretary
  • Green Party of England and Wales Health Spokesperson
  • Lancaster and Fleetwood General Election 2010 Parliamentary Candidate.
  • North-West European Parliamentary Candidate No 2 on list 2014
  • Represented the Green Party of England and Wales at Congress of the Global Greens (Dacca, Senegal 2011) and European Green Party Council (Zagreb, Croatia 2015).

Educated at St Martin’s-in-the-Fields High School, London (1972-1980), Gina has A-Levels in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths.

She then went on to study at Nottingham Trent University (1981-85) where she was awarded a 1st class BA (Hons) in European Business Studies, including a year in Paderborn, Germany.

Gina speaks German and French at a good level.


  • Drug and Alcohol health adviser (charity sector, Lancaster) 1986-88
  • Health Promotion/Public Health NHS adviser/District HIV co-ordinator/Health Promoting University Project coordinator (Blackpool Health Authority/ Morecambe Bay NHS Trust) 1988-2001
  • Managing Director, Churches Trust for Cumbria 2009-2011

Voluntary roles

  • Chair of the Friendship Centre for Older People (2006-8)
  • Director North Lancashire Community Land Trust.

Council work priorities

Anti-fracking, safe cycling and walking provision, pensions divestment, local procurement, alcohol harm reduction. Chaired a newly-formed Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee, following a failed OFSTED inspection Lancashire County Council 2016/17.

Extra-curricular political experiences 

As city councillor in 2002-3 Gina made ‘confidential’ information regarding finances of British Energy nuclear industry available to the public. Was found in a local government standards tribunal to be in breach of recently-introduced regulations and suspended for 3 months from the city council (and during the time waiting for the tribunal, was re-elected with a greater majority).

Gina regularly attends the protests at Preston New Road fracking site and took part in a ‘rolling resistance’ direct action July 2017. She was fined after self-defence in court for ‘wilful obstruction for the highway’.

On currently holding three elected roles, Gina says:

“Some people may be wondering why I stood as a European candidate so soon after winning the local election for Lancaster City Council on May 2nd this year, in addition to my role as Lancashire County Council held since 2013.

“The simple answer is timing. I was selected as the lead Green Party MEP candidate back in early 2016, before the referendum on leaving the EU. I later decided to stand as a City Councillor as it looked like the UK would not be electing any MEPs in 2019.

“By the time it was announced that the European elections were going ahead, I had already committed myself to standing in Marsh Ward – and it was too late for an alternative candidate to be selected.

“We now have a large group of Green Councillors in Lancaster. I am able to attend most Council meetings of both city and county. I continue to deal with casework issues within my ward alongside my colleagues, and I will continue my councillor roles until it is clear what the future relationship is between the UK and the EU.”

On her approach to politics Gina says:

“My political action and decision-making is underpinned by an approach of ‘politics is the art of the possible’. This requires a judgement on how to achieve incremental positive changes for the people and the causes I represent, and in particular for the most vulnerable people and species, while simultaneously working for broad-scale acceptance of the radical changes required within institutions and in the economic system which now dominates our society at all levels, in order to protect our planet to sustain life.”